Welcome !   The Connecticut Cemetery Association just finished celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2017!  Now, we’re moving forward to the next 75! The organization was established in 1942 and has been partnering with cemeteries and cemetery providers for all of this time.  Dale J. Fiore of New Haven’s Evergreen Cemetery is on his second tour of duty as President after heading the organization once before in 2003.  This year’s Board of Directors is made up of a combination of experienced veterans and new blood.  All of this makes for exciting times in the Association.  2017 has been a good  year with our annual Supplier’s Expo in March, the summer meeting in June and, most recently, the Annual Meeting – hosted by Norwalk Vaults in Watertown.  Now that we’ve hit 2018, we’re planning for more great events and look forward to expanding our membership and reach!

Information You Might Want to Know

In an effort to provide important information to the Connecticut cemetery community, we’re providing a link to a recent Legislative Research White Paper on Miscarriage Burial Laws, dated January 11, 2018.

Senate Bill 432, An Act Concerning the Sale of Abandoned or Unused Cemetery Lots


President’s Message

Good Day Fellow Cemeterians and Industry Supplier Members.

Thank you all for allowing me to serve as your President of this great institution that has been in existence for over 75 years. As 2017 comes to a close, let’s reflect on our accomplishments so far, develop plans for the association in 2018 and into the future. I am proud to work with an energetic group of newly elected Board of Directors that were able to grow the membership to over 90 Cemeterians and 30 Industry Suppliers for 2017. Due to a relatively quiet legislative past, the Board of Directors chose to monitor all legislative activities during the year without the necessity of retaining the services of a lobbyist as was previously done for many years.

The Annual Suppliers Expo in March was held at The Aqua Turf Country Club in Southington with over 80 in attendance allowing Industry Suppliers to demonstrate the most recent products and services related to the Death Care Industry.

The Spring Business meeting held in June at the Baci Grill in Cromwell drew a record crowd of 50 attendees to hear Charles Long, President of The Grove Street Cemetery in New Haven present a program about “Succession Planning for Cemeteries”

During the summer months the Board of Directors were busy planning the 75th year celebration for the Connecticut Cemetery Association and setting the agenda for the Annual Meeting in October.

The Annual Meeting was held at the newly opened site of The Norwalk Vault Company Manufacturing Plant which is now located in Watertown, CT.

50 attendees were on hand for an exciting program that took place with a fascinating and informative tour of the facility, the election of Officers and Directors for 2018, great local food, demonstrations, raffles and plenty of time for networking between colleagues as we cut the associations 75th anniversary celebration cake.

The objective of the Connecticut Cemetery Association is the same today as it was at the time of its origin:

“The Association shall promote the advancement of the practical knowledge in the operation and maintenance of Cemeteries and to create and maintain a high ethical standard in the conduct of cemetery administration.”

Respectfully Yours,

Dale J Fiore CCE