Welcome !   In 2017, the Connecticut Cemetery Association celebrated its 75th anniversary!  Now, we’re well on our way into the next 75! The organization was established in 1942 and has been partnering with cemeteries and cemetery providers for all of this time.  Jeff Pelletier of Evergreen Cemetery in Watertown has followed Dale J. Fiore of New Haven’s Evergreen Cemetery as President. Because of the structure of our organization, there are two Past Presidents sitting on the board:  Past Presidents Craig Fleming and Dale Fiore.  With the addition of several new board members, the current Board of Directors is made up of a combination of experienced veterans and new blood.  All of this makes for exciting times in the Association.  We’re looking forward to seeing you in March at the Annual Supplier’s Expo!  For specific dates and times, head to the “Meetings” page.


Good Day Fellow Cemeterians and Industry Supplier Members.


Greetings!   My name is Jeff Pelletier of Evergreen Cemetery in Watertown, CT.  I am honored to be President of this great organization.  I have a great board of directors working with me.  We will work together to provide the membership with educational and networking events.  We will start the year off with our Annual Suppliers Expo in March at the Aqua Turf.  Our “field trip” this year will be hosted by Elmcap Industries West Hartford  and Rose Hill Cemetery in Rocky Hill.  Our final event of the year will be our annual Meeting at Baci Grill in Cromwell.  The speaker is to be announced.  I hope to see you at these events.  Thank you to the suppliers and membership for their continued support of our organization.
Respectfully Yours,

Jeff Pelletier, President