Connecticut Cemetery Law

Connecticut Cemetery Law

Connecticut law for cemeteries and other related areas are included in State Statutes Title 19a, Public Health and Well-Being, Chapter 368j, Sections 19a-295 through 19a-319 (Cemeteries) and Sections 19a-320 through 19a-328 (Crematories).  Statutes governing the licensing operations of embalmers and funeral directors are included in Connecticut State Statutes Tile 20, Chapter 385, Section 20-207 through 20-233. Links to those sections of the statutes are provided:

Cemeteries, Sections 19a-295 through 19a-319

Crematories, Sections 19a-320 through 19a-328

Embalmers and Funeral Directors, Sections 20-207 through 20-228

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