Officers and Directors

Officers and Directors

CCA Board of Directors

The job of the Board of Directors is to guide the progress of the organization and help it grow at the same time. The CCA finds itself in a bit of a regrowth phase. The energy that the new board members bring to the organization will help achieve these goals.  The members of the Board of Directors is:

Dale J. Fiore, President, Evergreen Cemetery, New Haven

Jeff P. Pelletier, Vice President, Evergreen Cemetery, Watertown

Martha Smart, Treasurer, Pine Grove Cemetery, Ansonia

Edward Jones, Secretary, Pine Grove Cemetery, Ansonia

Ken Bombaci, Director, Centerbrook Cemetery, Essex

J. H. Torrance Downes, Director, Cypress Cemetery, Old Saybrook

Mary Anne Hawthorne, Director, Cedar Hill Cemetery, Hartford

Jeff Nolan, Trustee, Central Cemetery, Brookfield

Maureen Owen, Director, Newtown Village Cemetery, Newtown

Kerry Ann Mullen, Supplier Liaison, Mullen Construction

Jeff Hardy, Supplier Liaison, Hardy Doric

Craig A. Fleming, Immediate Past President, Pine Grove Cemetery, Waterbury

Bronson K. Hawley, Past President, Oak Lawn Cemetery, Fairfield

CCA Past Presidents

The job of the President of the CCA Board of Directors, or of any volunteer organization like CCA, is the most important post as it is the President’s vision that moves the organization forward. Many of the Past Presidents continue to offer guidance to current Directors and are an invaluable part of the consistency of CCA.  The two most immediate Past Presidents, Craig A. Fleming and Bronson K. Hawley, serve on the current Board. Dale Fiore is serving his second “tour of duty” as President as he served once before in 2003 and 2004. Dale is the only “two-time” President among this elite group. Going back to 1980, Past Presidents include:

Craig A. Fleming  2014, 2015 and 2016

Bronson K. Hawley  2012, 2013

Craig S. Neal  2010, 2011

Raymond C. Scholl  2008, 2009

Kenneth E. Hedman  2006, 2007

Pamela C. Metzler  2005

Dale J. Fiore  2003, 2004

Nicholas Mignone  2001, 2002

Mark Hemmann  1999, 2000

Willis Clark  1997, 1998

Dan R. Krueger  1995, 1996

Melvin MacCallum  1994

George Tuohy  1993

Robert Hannigan  1991, 1992

Peter Judd  1990

Lewis Aloia  1988, 1989

Stewart Phlanz  1987

William F. Griswold  1986

Armand A. Chevrette  1983, 1984, 1985

Kathleen R. Hayes  1981, 1982

Patsy Santoro  1980