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Membership with the Connecticut Cemetery Association (CCA) is open to any cemeterians and other related professionals as well as the many suppliers and vendors who service our industry. For the membership forms,  click on the appropriate link below, download and print the form for submission by US Post along with your check.


CCA Membership Levels


Cemeterian Membership Form


Supplier Membership Form

Member Benefits

Information & Education

CCA membership gives each member the opportunity to acquire knowledge and additional insight into our chosen profession. At many of our meetings we have speakers who give presentations on timely subjects that affect our industry. In addition, our members have hundreds of years of collective experience in the cemetery industry. They have confronted almost every challenge and are willing to share their insights with you. If you have a problem, one of us has probably experienced it before and would be happy to help you to find a solution.

Every year, in early December, the New England Cemetery Association (NECA) sponsors a three-day management seminar. If you are a full member of CCA (Platinum, Gold and Silver), then you are automatically a member of NECA and are entitled to attend this educational seminar, for a fee. At this annual seminar, experts from many fields will discuss a variety of topics from the latest developments in grounds control and maintenance to cremation and administrative issues. The list of topics is long, but we can safely assume that there will be a number of subjects that will be of interest to you. Topics are chosen based on member suggestions.


Legislative Issues

Every year there are bills that come before our state legislature that may affect the cemetery industry. Board of Director member J. H. Torrance Downes is tasked to keep his eye on legislative issues and let us know if there is something of concern.



At many of our meetings, you will have an opportunity to meet representatives from companies that supply equipment, products, and services that we use on a daily basis. Suppliers are a valuable asset. They inform us of the latest developments in their product lines and help us to keep abreast of the most relevant trends. We encourage you to develop a relationship with the suppliers that are members of and support the efforts of the CCA.



The Social/Networking Hour at each of our meetings will give you an opportunity to catch up with old friends and to make new friends in a casual atmosphere of camaraderie. The connections that we make in these meetings is invaluable. Besides having a professional colleague who you can call on, you will also develop deep personal friendships.